Rack Damage Audits & Repair

Safety in the workplace is heavily promoted more today than ever before. All companies are required to identify hazards, assess the risks and fix the appropriate problems. Local building codes & OSHA Regulations now clearly identify the responsibility of businesses in association with their pallet racking and storage structures.

Pallet racking should be inspected on a regular basis (suggested monthly). Damage, no matter the size, should be immediately inspected and assessed to maintain the integrity of the installation has not been affected.  If it exceeds tolerances, it should be immediately unloaded and not re-used. Safe working load signs and maintenance signs should be displayed on each structure. These signs should indicate all loading capacities of the rack.

Each site should have copies of the as-built drawings showing the design capacity of the pallet racking system. This also must be available for city inspectors to access during their inspections. In conjunction with you, Toyotalift of Arizona can develop a maintenance program that will lead to a reduction in damage to your pallet racking and an overall safer working operation. By applying our Inspection Program to your workplace, you can ensure the safety and operations of your pallet racking system.

The Toyotalift of Arizona Pallet Racking Inspection Program consists of an initial audit to determine the configuration and integrity of your existing pallet racking or storage structure. A complete damage audit report will be provided to help you get your storage structures back to a safe condition. Toyotalift of Arizona can then assist in finding a qualified local supplier to make the needed repairs. Future monthly, self-assessment inspections are then encouraged to ensure the compliance of existing pallet racking and outline what improvements should be made.