Warehouse Equipment Installations

Looking for a warehouse equipment installation company that will deliver your project on time and within your budget? Toyotalift of Arizona offers warehouse equipment installation services in Arizona and neighboring states.

Warehouse Equipment Installation, requires an experienced crew with the proper tools and know-how, to get the job done correctly and on time. As with any warehouse equipment installation project, assuring that we follow OSHA and City Code guidelines is important to us. Understanding your design your needs and requirements are important factors when installing your warehouse equipment.

Warehouse Equipment Dismantling

As with any warehouse equipment dismantling project, correct equipment dismantling is important if you’re planning to sell or reuse your system. We offer dismantling and relocation teardown and transport services. If you are looking for a warehouse equipment installation or dismantling services company in Arizona, Desert Material Handling can help you. Call us or fill out the request a quote page and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

Experienced in the following:

  • Conveyor Equipment
  • Systems Integration
  • Assembly of all types of Handling Equipment
  • Relocation
  • Dismantling
  • Transport
  • On-Site Rack Repair Services
  • Buy & Sell your equipment

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Layout and Design

The Design Services process begins with a simple phone call to our company to discuss your particular needs and goals for your facility. From there the basic design process begins:

  1. Master Planning and Data Collection: Facility plan review, conceptual solution development and initial evaluation.
  2. Prepare a Detailed Proposal: A complete detailed description of what your particular package will include. This may include an on site visit to your facility. Services & fees will be detailed in our formal proposal. RFQ services will be outlined as well.
  3. Visit your Facility: With you and your key staff, we will discuss your views on the storage and material handling problems you face and explore a range of viable options.
  4. Designing Process: We determine how your needs and our ideas translate into a practical and economical solution for your particular application. The ideas and concepts are depicted on CAD drawings and may include equipment cut-sheets. At various stages of design we will provide you with conceptual drawings for your review as to get feedback from you and your team as this will truly be a work in progress.
  5. Completed Package: At this point we will hand deliver or overnight the complete design package to you for your final review. If changes are required we will continue to make the required modifications until we have a design that meets your complete satisfaction. Our packages will include final layouts, elevation drawings, structural analysis (if required) and a complete list of bill of materials required.

We may also provide a detailed bid package with all necessary specifications in order to obtain quotes from qualified suppliers.

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Building Permits

The International Building Code (IBC), is the standard followed in many states throughout the US. It requires that any type of storage structure over 8′-0″ high be seismically engineered and permitted. This is designed to ensure that all construction in the State is safe.

As part of our scope of services, we can also provide a permit submittal service package and assist our customers with obtaining building permits for their warehouse equipment:

  • Data Collection & Forms
  • Technical Drawings, Application Engineering & Structural Calculations
  • Scheduling for Building, Fire, and Structural Inspections
  • Submittal for Building Permits and Final Occupancy

Our building permit submittal package includes the following:

  • Site Plan Drawing (when applicable)
  • Floor Plan & Elevation Drawings
  • Component Detail Drawings
  • Wet Stamped Structural Calculations

Getting a permit for any project can be difficult, but our team can get your permit approved quickly and as seamlessly as possible to ensure that your project moves forward appropriately

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Rack Damage Audits

Safety in the workplace is heavily promoted more today than ever before. All companies are required to identify hazards, assess the risks and fix the appropriate problems. Local building codes & OSHA Regulations now clearly identify the responsibility of businesses in association with their pallet racking and storage structures.

Pallet racking should be inspected on a regular basis (suggested monthly). Damage, no matter the size, should be immediately inspected and assessed to maintain the integrity of the installation has not been affected.  If it exceeds tolerances, it should be immediately unloaded and not re-used. Safe working load signs and maintenance signs should be displayed on each structure. These signs should indicate all loading capacities of the rack.

Each site should have copies of the as-built drawings showing the design capacity of the pallet racking system. This also must be available for city inspectors to access during their inspections. In conjunction with you, Desert Material Handling can develop a maintenance program that will lead to a reduction in damage to your pallet racking and an overall safer working operation. By applying our Inspection Program to your workplace, you can ensure the safety and operations of your pallet racking system.

The Desert Material Handling Pallet Racking Inspection Program consists of an initial audit to determine the configuration and integrity of your existing pallet racking or storage structure. A complete damage audit report will be provided to help you get your storage structures back to a safe condition. Desert Material Handling can then assist in finding a qualified local supplier to make the needed repairs. Future monthly, self-assessment inspections are then encouraged to ensure the compliance of existing pallet racking and outline what improvements should be made.

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